many things about touch screen laptop

Touch Screen Laptop now is the best

Touch Screen Laptop  is the best now


touch screen laptop

I am now on my way to buy a new touch screen laptop a substitute for my computer This latter had lucked out and unfortunately died in the accident falling from a table-top. anyway buy touch laptop is very close now.

Really everything around us is changing . It has become the touch screen found in everywhere . This technology has changed our lives easier.
Mobile is now working touch screen , touch screen laptop , and tablet computer and also find the touch screen in airports and other public places , which helps greatly in making things easier.

Of course, in a research trip for a new laptop, you will not ignore all the facts before. If I set my goal now is to buy a touch  laptop, and now I have the information that I wanted to I share with you in this article in order to identify the laptop.


touch screen laptop

touch screen laptop

Panel touch screen laptop is made up of layers of electrically conductive with a dielectric layer on the surface and when pressed by a finger or other things that are recorded orders. So things will be much easier.

And I’ve seen many of the touch laptop computer and found that it depends mainly on Windows 8 as the operating system.

Is a 15-inch screen is the average size of the touch screen laptop, ranging from touch screen laptop of 17 inches and up to 11 inches. of course, is now considered the basic rule is that the touch laptop computer working with the latest operating system which is Windows 8


Here, I asked myself, Is touch  laptop is a substitute for a keyboard and mouse? I can not touch the 70 words per minute on a keyboard touch in the touch laptop, but I used it in public places such as airports or train station or stand in a queue. Here I can use the touch screen laptop in order to surf postal mail and type dozens of words and press the send .

The basic advantage of the touch laptop is that it is easy to use, as it offers the opportunity to use the Windows 8 easy way, and also that the touch screen laptop allows us great ease in running programs and different applications of the computer, as it gives the case of interaction creator of programs and users of touch laptop.

The question now is what is the best touch screen laptop best for you?

The touch  laptop that works with Windows 8 has many advantages real that makes it well worth the experience and acquisitions, with all these features also appeared multiple types of touch screen laptop, and, of course, gave great importance to consumers now, and also refers to the increase in the number of users has in the future. here appeared many questions about what is the best touch laptop? What are the advantages and disadvantages of different designs for her?Is it just enough to touch the acquisition?

So now we will talk about different types of touch laptop even explain a lot of information about different kinds of advantages and disadvantages of each type, here we find that the most prominent of these the species is Convertibles, Dockables, Sliders, Standard Touche. These are the four types that are available so far in the markets of the touch screen laptop, and now we will look in detail about every kind of touch laptop, so we get in the end to determine the answer to the famous question any of these types better?



touch screen laptopConvertibles

This type of touch screen laptop which are called Convertibles It works by folding the screen on the keyboard using the joints, and this type is available from years ago, and can use this type on the desk or other surface condition that is a flat surface so that it can be used correctly.this is a design is what differentiates these devices from the laptop the other, often ranging size touch laptop of this kind between 11.6 to 13.3 inches, and are easy for everyday use.





touch screen laptop


Unique types of This type of touch screen laptop and this kind depends on the separation of the screen completely from the computer,this type is very sensitive as it is light weight, low size keyboard, these devices are often small in size does not exceed the size of 12 inches, and often rapid types of which are expensive.





touch screen laptop


This type of touch screen laptop depends on the sliding touch screen on the keyboard, which is just slip forward and backward as it gives different levels of viewing angle to the touch laptop. These types of touch laptop be subtle and too little weight where it will be between 10 and 12.5 inches.





touch screen laptopStandard touch

This latter kind of touch screen laptop is not based on a new design, but it just depends on the touch screen with all possibilities for a laptop that give ease of use, and the size of these devices have been appropriate up to 17 inches, they are big touchscreen.





The question now is what is the best of these types?

Now we have a system running Windows 8 and we have different types of touch screen laptop and we want to choose the best type of application with Windows 8, and here we have some recommendations for users

touch laptop type Convertibles are simply suitable for house or office but does not fit to travel, and this is due to the dependence on a flat surface placed him to be easy to use.

touch laptop type Dockables species is unique and is one of the lightest and offers a distinct type of performance may need specialists in companies, but they are expensive compared with its potential.

touch laptop type Sliders this type is lightweight but does not give the optimum level of performance so I do not I’d like.

touch screen laptop type Standard touch is the portable computer touch screen, with availability at a reasonable price and different sizes are now considered the best, but in the coming years will drop the price and be the highest possibilities,